Virtual Assistance: Defined

My Office Support is a full service virtual support business. This means that we are fully engaged in as much or as little of our clients’ daily tasks as you decide is necessary to operate your businesses efficiently and effectively. As we handle the administrative tasks, our clients are able to focus on generating revenue for their businesses.

Benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant.

1. No employee commitment.

2. No employers PAYE or payroll fees.

3. No need to provide office space or costly equipment

4. No sick pay.

5. No commitment to set hours each week/month.

6. No need to provide a pension or other benefits.

For example, if you charge £60 per hour, your admin/social media/marketing/bookkeeping costs are also £60 per hour.

If you pay a Virtual Assistant £20 an hour rather than doing it yourself, you are free then to earn that £60.  After costs, you have made £40.     

Doing your own admin and social media management is likely not your key expertise, but it is your VAs! You probably didn’t start your business to spend so much time raising invoices and managing social media. As a Virtual Assistant I did just that!

We charge a flat rate of £20 per hour, reduced to £18 per hour if you pre-purchase blocks of 10 hours (which are valid for three months).

Interested in working with us? Get your schedule back on track and take your life back. Contact us today to see what My Office Support can do for you.